Photo Name Title Email Phone
LaBlanc, Trish LaBlanc, Trish Administration Assistant/Operations Support Email 920-485-2898, Ext. 351
Schwartz, Katie Schwartz, Katie Director of Special Education/Student Learning Email 920-485-4423 Ext 238
Williams, Jeffrey Williams, Jeffrey Director of Technology Email 920-485-2898 Ext 338
Appel, Richard Appel, Richard District Administrator Email 920-485-2898 ext. 241
Carpenter, Kathy Carpenter, Kathy District Secretary/Bookkeeper Email 920-485-2898 ext. 245
Waech, Kim Waech, Kim Food Service Director Email 920-485-4441 Ext 535
Hechimovich, Crystal Hechimovich, Crystal Office Secretary/Special Education Secretary Email 920-485-2898 ext. 249
Field, Jaime Field, Jaime Payroll/Human Resource Specialist Email 920-485-2898 ext 240
Neitzel, Shelley Neitzel, Shelley Student Registrar/Board Secretary Email 920-485-2898 ext. 247