National Honor Society Information and Application Forms

Selection Procedure
Horicon High School Chapter
National Honor Society
                                                            Rev. 9/3/14
The following is the procedure that Horicon High School will use the determine selection into the Horicon High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. This procedure is a matter of public record and will be released to the public upon request. The procedure used at Horicon High School reflects the recommendations of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which is the governing body of the National Honor Society.
1.      The selection procedure is set forth below and must be published. Should the Faculty Council determine that a change in the procedure is in order, they shall write out the procedural change, and with the NHS Advisor’s agreement, and forward it to the H.S. Principal. If the principal agrees with the recommended change, it shall be forwarded to the Board of Education for consideration.
2.      The NHS advisor to determine scholastic eligibility will review student’s academic records. A minimum of 3.25 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is required to be considered for membership into the Horicon Chapter of the National Honor Society for junior and seniors.  A minimum of 3.5 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is required to be considered for sophomore membership into the Horicon Chapter of the National Honor Society.
3.      Students who are eligible scholastically will be notified via a posting, and told that for further consideration for selection to the NHS Chapter they must complete the Student Activity Information Forms. A required information meeting conducted by the NHS Advisor is held in conjunction with the distribution of these application forms.
4.      Faculty input is critical to the selection process. Faculty members will evaluate all aspirants to NHS whom they know. Each aspirant will be rated on Character and Leadership using a scale of “one thru five”, `Five` being the highest, and `one` being lowest. (See rubric attached.) A rating of `one` in any of the twelve sub-categories will require that the NHS Advisor determine what relevant verifiable information exists, and then share it with the Faculty Council. Students are expected to rate above the typical student, with a minimum average of 3.25 in each area. These ratings will be taken into consideration as the Council makes it decisions.
5.      In the areas of Leadership and Character, the aspirant must also submit exactly four rating forms, see attached, from non-high school faculty (teachers have already rated each student), non-relatives, that positively support that this applicant displays the characteristics of a student with above average leadership and character. At most two of the forms may be k-12 school-related, such as coaches or former teachers, and the others must be from the community. The forms must be received by the published deadline, and should be sent directly to the Advisor in the sealed enveloped provided. These will be averaged along with the faculty rating. Letters of reference are not required and will not be considered.
Deadline: All Materials must be received by 3:15p.m., Friday, October 16, 2015.