Outstanding Alumni/Wall of Fame

Distinguished Alumni Award

Wall of Fame


  1. Recognize and honor outstanding graduates of Horicon High School who have excelled in their professions and/or made significant contributions to their communities.
  2. Display to the students and to the public the accomplishments of graduates who have distinguished themselves as role models.
  3. Provide opportunities for students to participate in the selection and recognition of former Horicon High School graduates.
  4. Provide opportunities for students to interact with these role models.

Russell Schroeder- Class of 1965


Community Leader

Inducted - 2013

"Leadership and entrpreneurial success is two pronged, it involves thinking of new ideas and concepts, but also and more importantly, putting those ideas into action.  It is important to start developing those habits in High School and keep them for life."

Charlotte Heid Pagel- Class of 1968

Senior Vice President - Horicon Bank

Civic Leader and Volunteer

Inducted - 2012

"Know that the teachers of Horicon High Schol have helped you realize and grow your talents.  What you do with them in the future will help you to determine your success, no matter what career path you choose."

Esther Schwertfeger Doughty Luckhardt - Class of 1930
Legislator State of Wisconsin 1962-1984
Board of Directors Capitol Transamerica Corporation 1961-1993
Regent, University of Wisconsin Board of Regents 1987-1991

Inducted - 2011

Esther's education took place in a one-room schoolhouse and Horicon High School.  Her membership on the debate team was great training for a future in politics and business.  She also benefited from the nurturing relationship she had with her principal and teachers.  As a Republican legislator, Esther made a point of being responsive to the needs of the people in her district; she made their problems hers, and found personal satisfaction in finding solutions.  As a role model for women in politics and business, Esther was proud to have led the parade.  Horicon was her cherished home for over 85 years until she died January 14, 2011 at the age of 97.




Ellen Sunderland- Class of 1972

Inducted - 2011

"No matter where you live you will be part of a greater community. Use texting and other social networks to compliment and share positive moments. Get out from behind the computer screen or off the phone and meet real people. Acknowledge those you meet with a smile and kind words. Join in building up others by becoming involved in all the communities you will be part of to bring postiveness and hope into your life and the lives of everyone you meet."



Lee Miller - Class of 1989
Neuroscience Professor - UCDavis Center for Neuroscience

Inducted - 2010

"I often think about how fortunate I was to attend Horicon High.  Of course I had no idea I'd become a neuroscience professor - like most students, I was uncertain about the path I'd take.  But HHS, with so many different ways to participate and lead, provides a breadth of experience that's hard to get in a bigger, impersonal school.  You may not appreciate it yet, but that experience prepares you well for an uncertain world.  So take advantage of those opportunities.  Be ambitious.  Work harder. Ask your dedicated teachers and staff for advice.  And of course, have fun."
Elmer Rehse - Class of 1948

Horicon Community Volunteer

Inducted - 2010

"My formal education ended with my graduation from Horicon High School.  Some of the things I carried with me from Horicon High School stuck with me.  I remember that I had been challenged by some of the teachers to do things that seemed beyond my capabilites.  It was that type of encouragement that seemed to prevail and keep me motivated as life proceeded on.
I am particularly grateful to those who honored this award to someone who spent their life in this community and were recognized for their efforts."


LISA KRUEGER PUGH - Class of 1986
Inclusive Education Advocate

Inducted 2009

"Use your time at Horicon High School to explore activities, get involved and discover your gifts. Only then will you be prepared for the next journey in life. Do not hesitate to take that road less traveled. Be brave and have confidence. You never know where life will lead.”

ROLAND ZUELSDORF - Class of 1944/2000
Horicon Marsh Advocate

Inducted 2009

“Serve your chosen community, get involved, run for public office and contribute to your church. Look for an opportunity to create new and interesting businesses. Trade and buy in your home town, don’t trade your home town in. Make your home town a better place to live because you made it happen.”

  NICOLETTE E. WEISENSEL, MD - Class of 1991

Inducted 2007

"The education I received allowed me to pursue my goals to obtain my undergraduate degree, my medical degree at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and go on to become a physician. Clearly an education from Horicon High School, despite the small size and rural location, is an education that leaves all paths open for the future, as my graduating class motto stated: I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference. I encourage each and every student to follow their dreams down which ever road they choose."

DR. DAVID C. PATTEN - Class of 1966
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
Inducted 2007

"I challenge all of the HHS students to pursue a life that nourishes your body, mind and spirit. Seek a career that is your passion, go at life with a positive attitude and surround yourself with influential mentors and above all walk with loving kindness in your heart. Continue to seek knowledge in your quest to follow your life path. I have found that the activities I participated in at HHS relating to academics, sports, music and theater have all helped me in my success today."

Michael Splinter – Class 1968
President & CEO of Applied Material

Inducted - 2006

“To all HHS students and graduates…I encourage each of you to follow your instincts…your passion.  Find out what the world has to offer.  Seek out people who inspire you…learn from them…listen to them…leverage what they have already experienced and grow to be yourself.”

Gene Schwarze – Class 1961
Senior Engineer at NASA

Inducted - 2006

“During my lifetime the United States has accomplished remarkable achievements in space exploration.  I look forward to the day when our country establishes a human presence on planet Mars and Beyond.  Will a future (Wall of Fame) member be a participant in that exciting venture?  Why not?"

Fran Ulmer – Class 1965

Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Resource at the University of Alaska

Former Lieutenant Governor of Alaska

Former Mayor of Juneau Alaska

Inducted - 2005

“As incredible as it sounds, the years disappeared in a flash and they still have vibrant memories of all the fun at Horicon High.  I learned so much from friends and teachers and student activities that have helped me meet challenges and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Jeanna Magyar – Class 1994
Professor at University of Steven Point and Counseling Psychologist

Inducted - 2005

“I believe that the high quality education I received and the co-curricular opportunities I took advantage of at HHS served as a foundation of my success at college, graduate school and my professional career as counseling psychologist and professor.  A diploma from HHS along with a good character, hard work, persistent, determination and passion create the formula for career and life success!”