10th Grade Individual Planning Conferences

What classes should I take if I want to go to college?

What programs are available at a technical college?

When should I start visiting colleges?

What credits do I still need to graduate from high school? 

These and other questions will be answered during your 10th Grade Individual Planning Conference.  All sophomores and their parents are invited to participate in this conference with Mrs. DeZeeuw.  The purpose of this conference is career planning.  Topics covered include a transcript review/credit check, high school course selections, review of test scores, and information related to ACT testing, college/technical college options, and careers. 

Conferences may be scheduled here or by contacting Kim DeZeeuw, school counselor.   Conferences are available between March 8 and April 28 and typically last 30-40 minutes.   Please complete the pre-conference survey below at least 48 hours prior to your conference.  Thank you.


10th Grade Individual Planning Conference:

10th Grade Individual Planning Conference

Student Name


Parent/Guardian Name


What are some of your child's strengths?


What is your student interested in doing after high school?


If your student is interested in attending college, have you discussed where they might attend (ie. specific schools, region, etc.)?


What is one question you hope to have answered during your child's individual planning conference?

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