School District of Horicon
Property Tax Levy Information

The School District of Horicon property tax levy for individual taxpayers is determined by many factors including the equalized valuation of all property within the District.  The percent of the total levy paid by each municipality changes from year to year based on the total equalized valuation of that municipality compared to the other municipalities within the boundaries of the school district.  Additionally, each individual resident within a municipality will pay a portion of that tax levy based on the assessed value of your property compared to the total assessed value of all property within that municipality.

The School District of Horicon is made up of the following municipalities:
City of Horicon
Town of Burnett
Town of Hubbard
Town of Oak Grove
Town of Williamstown
Village of Iron Ridge

School District of Horicon Total Property Tax Levy History:
2009 = $4,258,158
2010 = $4,258,158
2011 = $4,159,049
2012 = $4,041,731
2013 = $4,308,834
2014 = $4,117,940

The total property tax levy for each year is made up of the general operating levy, non-referendum debt levy, referendum debt levy, and the community services levy.  The total tax levy for 2014 is 4.43% lower than in 2013.  

Referendum Property Tax Levy:
In the months leading up to the November 2012 referendum, there was much discussion about the impact of the referendum on the tax levy.  Since previous referendum debt was paid in full earlier in 2012, we discussed the fact that the referendum debt would not increase the tax levy compared to previous years; in fact, the referendum portion of the tax levy would actually decrease even if the referendum passed.  That prediction has proven to be true.  The referendum tax levy history is as follows:

Total Referendum Property Tax Levy Prior to the 2012 Referendum:
2009 = $873,450
2010 = $865,025

2011 = $865,300

Total Referendum Property Tax Levy Following the 2012 Referendum:
2012 = $829,383
2013 = $835,575
2014 = $826,938

2015 = $824,256
2016 = $829,250
2017 = $824,200

Any further questions related to the School District of Horicon tax levy can be directed to District Administrator, Mr. Richard Appel.