Horicon Public School Rules for Pupils Riding Buses

 1.     Bus riders are under the authority of the driver while being transported. Refusal to obey rules or orders of the driver will make a child liable to be reported to school officials and liable for loss of transportation privileges.
*2.     Bus riders must be on time for the bus. A one-minute waiting period is being recommended with consideration given to record or punctuality, distance from home, and weather. This does not mean that the bus will wait every morning one minute for a child, but rather will wait several times, will report the fact to the school office and will, from then on, leave on schedule.
 3.     Bus riders who know ahead of time that they will not be riding the following day, should inform the driver. If they are absent for some unexpected reason, they should call a family preceding them on the route so that the bus will not wait unnecessarily. If the bus is late, call the school or Johnson Bus Company at 485-2223.
*4.     While waiting for the bus, all children are to remain off the highway. If they have to walk on the highway to meet the bus, they must walk on the left side of the road.
*5      Bus riders must wait until the bus is stopped before boarding or departing from it. The driver will not discharge riders at other places than the established bus stops.
*6.     Bus riders may have a seat assigned to them and will then stay in that seat unless given permission to move by the driver. They may not leave their seat while the bus is in motion.
*7.     Bus riders must not extend their hands, arms, heads, or bodies through bus windows. They must never throw anything out of the bus windows.
*8.     Bus riders will be permitted to converse in normal tone, but loud, profane or obscene language will be prohibited. Unnecessary conversation with the driver will not be allowed.
*9.     Windows will not be opened and closed without the driver's permission.
*10.     Bus riders must cooperate in keeping the bus clean and must abstain from damaging it. Any damage to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender.
*11.     All rules and regulations in the Student Folder apply to bus riders.
*12.     All grade school pupils must be on time for any return trip. That time will be established by the chaperone on co-curricular trips.
*13.     Bus riders must remain in the bus in case of road emergency, unless directed by driver to do otherwise.
*14.     Bus riders must keep absolutely quiet when approaching a railroad-crossing stop.
*15.     Cross the road, when necessary, after getting off the bus (at least 10 feet in front of the bus), but only after looking to be sure that no traffic is approaching from either direction.
16.        All rules marked by an asterisk (*) apply to co-curricular trips.
17.        Pupils on co-curricular trips are under the direction of the chaperone(s) and bus driver, and are to obey the rules set down herein, and any special rules set down for that trip.