School District of Horicon
Statements of Principles and Values
(Belief Statements)
The following statements are the principles and values of The School District of Horicon:
1.      The highest quality of education possible must be provided with the resources available.
2.      The responsibility for education is an active partnership among the schools, students, families, and all stakeholders of the community.
3.      Education should prepare students to succeed academically and socially so they can compete for quality jobs and become productive members of society.
4.      School is a part of a life-long learning process leading to new knowledge and personal growth.
5.      Due to the needs of our ever-changing society, education is an innovative, evolving process that should include basic skills, life-skills, critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, and problem solving.
6.      High expectations (Attainable goals) combined with a positive caring environment challenge students to reach their individual potential.
7.      Co-curricular activities enhance the development of the individual, socially and academically, while enhancing school and community relationships.
8.      Excellence in education depends on continuous evaluation of curriculum, development of staff, and quality facilities.
9.      Children are the future and our most important resource.
10. Students have the greatest opportunity to learn in a safe environment.
11. Our community must set positive examples for our students.
12. An understanding and respect for human diversity is essential for a complete education.
13. Each person has intrinsic worth and therefore must be accepted and treated with dignity.
14. All students will be offered an education developed to meet their individual needs.
15. Schools should maintain a balance between an appreciation of the past and preparation for future challenges.